Choosing a service provider in any area, whatever it may be, is never an easy task. SERP knows this and is able to provide both efficiency and local service together.


Having a single point of contact to take care of even the minor problems, being able to rely on the punctuality of the services offered, benefiting from low prices, and all this while still respecting current legislation and our precious environment, are just some of the demands that SERP knows how to meet.


With a strong background in Waste Management and a confidence constantly experienced by our clients, SERP is now able to offer a range of services for the environment. Our knowledge and know-how allows us to work with your company to create solutions that are most adapted to your actual needs, all at a low cost.


SERP is committed to respecting the norms and legislation that govern waste management, while at the same time offering a quality and cost-effective service for its clients and partners.


Security is a sensitive area and requires perfect site knowledge. That is why we guarantee the reliability of our teams for total management.

Our teams can guarantee a perfect site job, while optimising the selective sorting from the waste storage.


The Environment service offering is therefore complete, with maximum quality at minimal cost.


The environment professionals are at your service.


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Tel: 01 39 88 62 80
Fax: 01 39 88 66 80